Steve Barker Services, LLC

carpentry & remodeling / general contracting

 Steve & Melanie Barker

What does Melanie have to say?

I love referring people to our business! People always have projects to do and I know they want someone who will do quality work and be affordable, dependable, and trustworthy. And once they experience Steve and his team’s ability, many become repeat customers!

Steve would say he’s been remodeling all his life! First on the farm and then on the older home we bought in 1984. After working for several home improvement companies throughout his 20’s, he earned his commercial art degree in 1988 and began work at a local printing company assisting clients achieve their desired products and designs. The combination of Steve’s background in construction and his ability to visualize the final product before it begins led to several carpentry/remodel freelance jobs. This was the forerunner to starting our business.